Mucolytics in the management of COPD patients

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2:00pm (GMT),  Saturday, 2 April 2022
Mucolytics in the management of COPD patients

Hosted by

Michelle Duffy
Michelle Duffy
Advanced Practice Respiratory Nurse NHS Highlands
Terry Robinson
Terry Robinson
Independent Nurse Consultant


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) affects up to three million people in the UK.  Sputum production is a common feature of COPD but for some patients it is difficult to clear, leaving them potentially vulnerable to respiratory infections. This webinar recording looks at some of the options for improving the health and wellbeing of COPD patients by helping to minimise their symptoms.


This 40-minute video is a recording of an educational webinar which took place in December 2021. The session looks at the role of mucolytics in the management of COPD patients and covers:

  • The rationale for the use of mucolytics in COPD.
  • The evidence base for their use.
  • What the national guidelines say.
  • Choosing the right mucolytic for the patient.
  • Case studies to illustrate some of the key considerations.

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