Practice Nurse – Mucolytics in General Practice

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04 April 2022
Practice Nurse - Mucolytics in General Practice


Nicola Standring-Brown
Nicola Standring-Brown
Advanced Nurse Practitioner NHS Barnsley PCRS Executive Committee Member Chair: South Yorkshire Respiratory Interest Group


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) affects up to three million people in the UK.  Sputum production is a common feature of COPD but for some patients it is difficult to clear, leaving them potentially vulnerable to respiratory infections.  One of the treatments available for patients with COPD is mucolytic therapy, which reduces accumulation of mucus in the lungs, helping to prevent exacerbations – but this option can be overlooked. Nicola’s article looks at how mucolytics can be used more effectively.


The article examines the role of mucolytics in the management of COPD patients and covers:

  • The effect of mucous accumulation in the airways.
  • How to help reduce the impact of mucous accumulation.
  • The different mucolytic options.
  • BTS guidelines on mucolytics.

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Practice Nurse – Mucolytics in General Practice

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